CEO Positioning

The image of a company is inextricably linked to the profile and leadership charisma of the executive at its head. The brand of your company is reflected in its "entrepreneur brand", in the values and personality of its leading figures. We help you to lastingly embed a positive public perception of your top managers in the awareness of the relevant target groups. Authenticity is a key factor here. But successful positioning means more than that: it means finding the right platforms and forums, addressing and presenting appropriate topics and issues, and continuously publicising relevant messages on the opinion market. We harmonise your CEO positioning with your company's story and your enterprise culture – that provides sustained added value for your company.

As a top manager, you're an expert in your field of business. As communications consultants, we're the experts for your public presence. Dealing with the audiovisual or print media requires sensitivity, a sure instinct and thoughtful preparation. We elaborate the right messages and coach management and executives with the help of a targeted media training to give your company a face.

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